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Marine Technology Inc. of Wentzville, MO, is “running wide open,” according to company president Randy Scism. We caught up with MTI’s head honcho to ask about the firm’s latest activities, successes and what’s next for the muscleboat builder. Photo Credit: Powerboat Nation

Next Generation of MTI Race Boat Running Sterling Performance in 2019

Performance Boat Center has ordered a new 42′ MTI race boat, which will run 750 engines from Sterling Performance on the Super Boat International circuit next year!

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Cutaway Engine Display

Sterling Performance Makes All Kinds of Cutaway Engine Displays

Need a Display Engine or Cutaway Engine for a trade show, auto show, lobby display, education/training display or other purpose? Whatever you need, Sterling Performance is your answer.

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Top Team Will Stick with Sterling Performance Engines

In a definitive move to “race what they sell,” Performance Boat Center offshore racing team owners Brett Manire and Mark Waddington have decided to campaign a new 42-foot MTI catamaran with their existing cockpit duo of throttleman John Tomlinson and driver Myrick Coil in 2019.

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Hooters Clearwater Super Boat National Championship is Here

There will be a lot of Sterling Performance engines on the water this weekend in Clearwater! One team in the Superboat Unlimited class and five out of the seven in the Superboat class. Good luck to everyone and have a safe weekend!

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Helium Leak Testing

Sterling Performance Handles Helium Leak Testing

Helium Leak Testing is a non–destructive examination method which is used for detection and localization of leaks by measuring leakage in systems or objects under vacuum or pressure.

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Vibration Testing at Sterling Performance

Sterling Performance Test Lab Features Typical Vibration Testing, NVH Testing, and Shock Tests

We can perform testing in the areas of vibration, shock and acceleration to automotive, military, recreation, industrial, commercial, and aerospace specifications. This testing can be performed individually, or in combination with temperature cycling, pressure and hydraulic / pneumatic flow.

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heat rejection testing thermotron

Thermal Shock Testing at Sterling Performance

Thermal shock testing can detect and accelerate underlying product flaws or defects of the assembly, before the product reaches your customer.

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