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Sterling Performance - Portable Fuel Container Testing

Experts at Fuel System Testing and Portable Fuel Containers

Sterling Performance conducts Portable Fuel Container Tests to industry standard specifications such as EPA, CARB / OTC Standards, ASTM, as well as customer requirements and any custom testing as required.

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Sterling Performance - Corrosion Testing

Corrosion Testing | Salt Spray and Salt Fog

Corrosion Testing (e.g. Salt Spray) is an environmental simulation that helps you estimate component service life, compare candidate materials for use with your parts in your environment, and help screen suitable materials for your application …

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Sterling Performance - Kilo Record Attempt

Here’s Hoping for Better Conditions on Wednesday | Kilo Record Attempt Again

While you could feel the disappointment radiating from the enormous group that was in town to sanction, host, facilitate and observe the world record attempt staged by the Fountain Powerboats team in Washington, N.C., this morning, no one was left hanging their heads …

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Sterling Performance - Consumer Trends

Identifying Global Trends | Consumers are Changing

What’s trending in 2018 and beyond? Check out Ford’s in-depth look into the minds of the consumers of the future. They have done an excellent job identifying key global trends and discovering ways to develop them for greater success.

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Sterling Performance

Where it All Began | Mike D’Anniballe

The engine shop, laboratory and testing facility are going very well at Sterling Performance these days. Maybe it was the same words thrust on Mike D’Anniballe that were shared with you in your startup business.

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Quality Product Development through Environmental Testing with Sterling Performance

Capable of Holding Environmental Conditions Constant for Ten Years

Many products and components have to operate long term in a variety of environments that Sterling Performance is able to simulate. Companies like yours are turning to us to help product development, eliminate warranty issues, and retain more customers with quality designed and tested products; ensured through quality environmental testing and climatic simulation.

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Sterling Performance – Automotive Industry

Insight into the Automotive Aftermarket Industry

The global automotive aftermarket industry is expected to reach $722.8 billion by 2020. Today’s consumers are keeping their vehicles longer and are more aware of the importance of preventive maintenance and scheduled servicing to maximize the lifetime value of their vehicles.

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