750 Horsepower (Pump Fuel) Engine

588 CID Normally Aspirated Engine
625 ft/lbs torque
Engine is also available for use with 87 Octane fuel

Our new 750 horsepower naturally aspirated motor makes 700 hp on 87-octane fuel, and about 750 hp on 92-octane fuel.

The engine has dual-mapping.  All you do is flip a switch on the dash depending if you’re using 87 or 92 octane.

This is also a very fuel efficient engine package.  Even when enjoying several continuous hours of 30 to 90 mph runs, it doesn’t use much fuel, so it really doesn’t cost squat to operate, even when you want to go fast.  Can it go faster?  Absolutely!

It’s our way of delivering you an economical, yet truly powerful engine package.

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