Sterling Performance - Corrosion Testing

Corrosion Testing | Salt Spray and Salt Fog

Corrosion Testing (e.g. Salt Spray) is an environmental simulation that helps you estimate component service life, compare candidate materials for use with your parts in your environment, and help screen suitable materials for your application …

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Sterling Performance

Paramount is Back | A Class Great Race Champions

The 2016 A Class Great Race Champions and fastest boat to Tobago are back after sitting out the 2017 season. Thanks to The Trinidad and Tobago Powerboat Association (TTPBA) for sharing this with us!

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Sterling Performance - Kilo Record Attempt

Here’s Hoping for Better Conditions on Wednesday | Kilo Record Attempt Again

While you could feel the disappointment radiating from the enormous group that was in town to sanction, host, facilitate and observe the world record attempt staged by the Fountain Powerboats team in Washington, N.C., this morning, no one was left hanging their heads …

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Built for speed, Fountain’s 40-foot kilo boat is ready for its Sterling Performance engines. Photo Credit:

Sterling Performance Brought the Power for Upcoming Kilo Record Attempt

Many thanks to Speed on the Water for reporting on the upcoming Kilo Record attempt. Here is a little bit we wanted to share from two recent posts. Be sure to check out the LIVE online coverage tomorrow morning on

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Sterling Performance - Block Chain

How Blockchain Technologies Can Support Automakers

How can the automotive industry use blockchains? There are 5 obvious ways that blockchains can be useful within the automotive industry: 1. Track and verify automotive parts …

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Sterling Performance 1900

Producing Power Like No Other | Sterling Performance

Despite that he’s swamped with work and “knock wood, just trying to keep from going crazy,” Mike D’Anniballe, the man behind Sterling Performance Engines in Milford, Mich., was in a particularly upbeat and chatty mood when I caught up with him by phone yesterday morning …

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Motul Monster powered by Sterling Performance – Photo Credit: Motul Monster Facebook

Sterling Performance Powered Top Two at the TTPBA 2018 Regatta #1

It’s the 5oth Anniversary for the Trinidad & Tobago Powerboat Association. The 2018 Season: Regatta #1 kicked off last weekend with substantial success. The top two boats overall were both powered by Sterling Performance …

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