Never to be counted out, Billy Mauff and Jay Muller piloted WHM Motorsports to yet another Superboat-class world title. Photo Credit:

2018 SBI Key West World Championships Recap

With Sunday’s double-points format, the Super Boat International Offshore World Championships in Key West, Fla., never fails to produce pleasant and unpleasant surprises. And in today’s third and final round of racing, there was plenty of fortune and misfortune to go around in the calmest conditions of the week.

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M-Con reached a milestone with its victory—the first in team history—with its win in Key West Wednesday. Photo Credit: Speed on the Water

Sterling Performance Engines Roar at SBI Key West Worlds

With 10- to 15-mph winds coming out of the east and rising one- to three-foot seas, the first contest of the Super Boat International Key West Offshore World Championships in Key West, Fla., concluded Wednesday with outstanding performances by a pair of 2017 world champions as well as one 2016 world title holder.

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Sterling Performance Engines Fuel Slosh Testing

Sterling Performance Offers Fuel Slosh Testing

In fluid dynamics, slosh refers to the movement of liquid inside another object (which is, typically, also undergoing motion). Strictly speaking, the liquid must have a free surface to constitute a slosh dynamics problem, where the dynamics of the liquid can interact with the container to alter the system dynamics significantly.

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Automotive Fluids Testing

Don’t Forget About Automotive Fluids Testing

Sterling Performance can conduct compatibility testing of fluid hoses, fuel lines, and components against various automotive fluids. In regards to exposure testing, various components such as filters, hoses, plastic parts etc. can be soaked, sprayed, or exposed to various fluids to determine compatibility or reaction such as deforming, cracking, swelling, etc. Contact us today for […]

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Marine Technology Inc. of Wentzville, MO, is “running wide open,” according to company president Randy Scism. We caught up with MTI’s head honcho to ask about the firm’s latest activities, successes and what’s next for the muscleboat builder. Photo Credit: Powerboat Nation

Next Generation of MTI Race Boat Running Sterling Performance in 2019

Performance Boat Center has ordered a new 42′ MTI race boat, which will run 750 engines from Sterling Performance on the Super Boat International circuit next year!

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Cutaway Engine Display

Sterling Performance Makes All Kinds of Cutaway Engine Displays

Need a Display Engine or Cutaway Engine for a trade show, auto show, lobby display, education/training display or other purpose? Whatever you need, Sterling Performance is your answer.

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Top Team Will Stick with Sterling Performance Engines

In a definitive move to “race what they sell,” Performance Boat Center offshore racing team owners Brett Manire and Mark Waddington have decided to campaign a new 42-foot MTI catamaran with their existing cockpit duo of throttleman John Tomlinson and driver Myrick Coil in 2019.

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