Testing Ducati Motorcycles

Recently at Sterling Performance, we’ve been testing Ducati motorcycles to ensure US emissions standard compliance. With this type of testing, we’re checking the tanks and gasolines to measure how many hydrocarbons bleed through the gas tank in order to be certified for sale in US markets. This type of testing alone will be approximately a […]

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Carbon Canister Testing in Maserati Vehicles

Here at Sterling Performance, we’ve been testing the ever-popular Maserati. To ensure adequacy for sales in the US market, we are administering carbon canister tests for Maserati—vapor recovery of fuel tanks in the car go into a carbon canister, which is then tested for capacity so that purge rates may be determined and compared to […]

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Team WHM Motorsports Ranks First in Super Boat Class at Cocoa Beach!

Powered by Sterling Performance Engines, Team WHM Motorsports placed first in the Super Boat Class at Cocoa Beach a couple weeks ago! Averaging a speed of 90.34, they ranked higher than both STIHL and JD Byrider. Below are the official stats, as provided by Super Boat International (a full listing of results may be found  […]

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Sterling Performance at the Space Coast Superboat Grand Prix

Sterling Performance was well represented at the super boat races in Cocoa Beach this weekend. Check out this video of the WHM Motorsports Super Boat, powered with a Sterling Performance Engine, roaring through the waters at the 2012 Space Coast Superboat Grand Prix!

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Durability Testing at Sterling Performance

Durability Testing Durability testing is the duration of time a product, part, material, or system can meet its performance requirements. e.g. lifetime span.  Durability testing is generally considered a subset of reliability testing. Modern cars could log as many as 1 million miles if drivers wanted to hang on to them for that long, according […]

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Environmental and Climatic Testing – Testing the Olympic Torch

In between bouts of Olympic games, the official Olympic torch that traditionally kicks off the opening ceremonies makes the long journey by a relay of runners to the host site. And you can bet that over the course of years, it has passed through some tricky environmental conditions. But is it ready to endure the […]

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Hose Testing 1

Hose Testing

If you’re researching your car’s brake system, most articles will tell you the same scary facts up front: By the time you discover your car has a brake problem, it’s usually too late. You car’s brakes are dependent on pressure and friction — that’s what makes the wheels come to a stop. When you step […]

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