Urea Tanks

Here at Sterling Performance, we’ve been working on a lot of Urea tanks in terms of development and testing to help reduce diesel emissions. Many vehicles now have tanks that inject urea into the exhaust. Now entering 2013, consumers will start to see this more frequently implemented in diesel engines, specifically in diesel trucks. Urea […]

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XXX V-Bottom Powered by Sterling Performance Engines

Check out this awesome article about the XXX boat, powered by Sterling Performance Engines! Years ago, I wrote a feature for Powerboat magazine on the best high-performance boat paints jobs of all time. I talked to boat builders, painters and boat owners. Of course, it was a completely subjective story but it was a lot […]

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Motorcycle Carbon Canister Development

Here at Sterling Performance Inc., we are very excited to be getting started on a new project involving street motorcycle carbon canister development and durability. Alongside Victory Motorcycles, we are working to validate and develop parts, as well as test their overall durability. With our Carbon Canister Endurance stand we can automatically test 8 carbon […]

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Sterling Performance Centering on Direct Injection

Here at Sterling Performance, we’ve recently centered focus on direct injection. A lot of automotive companies are moving towards utilizing direct injection components.  Working with clients like Stanadyne, Delphi, and GM, we’re developing direct injection components, including fuel rails, injectors, fuel lines, and pumps. Not only this, but we’re running durability tests on pumps and complete […]

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Bob Vesper (left) and Billy Moore shared the Team Warpaint cockpit for the first time together in Key West. Photo courtesy FreezeFrameVideo.net

Team Warpaint Reflects on Key West

Last month, speedonthewater.com featured this article, reviewing Team Warpaint, powered by Sterling Performance Engines, and their performance at the World Championships in Key West. Click here to view the article in its entirety. “Our team always wants to win, but we knew that probably wasn’t realistic this year,” said Vesper, who was pleased with his […]

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Winter Fuel System Testing

The fuel system is key to your car running smoothly. The fuel system feeds the engine the gas/diesel it requires to run, and if any part of the fuel system isn’t running properly it can lead to major problems. The winter months can be the harshest on your vehicle, as well as some of the […]

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Sterling Performance Powers Multiple Boats at 2012 World Championships!

Team Warpaint, the WHM Boat, and the Lucas Oil boat all rocked Sterling Performance Engines at the 2012 Super Boat World Championships in Key West a couple weeks ago! If you weren’t able to make it down to Florida for the races, you can see all of the footage streaming online at the official Super […]

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