Environmental and Climatic Testing – Testing the Olympic Torch

In between bouts of Olympic games, the official Olympic torch that traditionally kicks off the opening ceremonies makes the long journey by a relay of runners to the host site. And you can bet that over the course of years, it has passed through some tricky environmental conditions. But is it ready to endure the […]

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Hose Testing 1

Hose Testing

If you’re researching your car’s brake system, most articles will tell you the same scary facts up front: By the time you discover your car has a brake problem, it’s usually too late. You car’s brakes are dependent on pressure and friction — that’s what makes the wheels come to a stop. When you step […]

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Nissan Battery

NHTSA To Hold Electric Vehicle Li-Ion Battery Safety Symposium

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will conduct a meeting in Washington,  D.C. on May 18 with representatives from the auto and battery-making industries to talk about safety  issues related to lithium-ion batteries used on battery-electric vehicles. “The purpose of this symposium is to bring together relevant stakeholders to share information on the  status […]

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Fendi Racing Puts Faith In Fazza

Fendi Racing’s (Powered by Sterling Performance) challenge for honours in 2012 has taken another twist, with the team confirming that they have bought the multi-championship winning hull, Fazza 3, from Dubai’s Victory Team. The move into the Michael Peters-designed, Victory-built hull, sees another change in direction by the Italian outfit. Team owner-driver Luca Formilli Fendi […]

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Team Fendi Sterling Performance

Team Fendi Completes First Race of 2012 Class-1 (Watch This)

VICTORY WIN RACE 2 IN DOHA Saturday, 17 March, DOHA (Qatar): Victory’s Arif Al Zafeen and Mohammed Al Marri came from behind to win race 2 of the Pearl Qatar Grand Prix, taking their third win together from four starts since teaming-up in Dubai at the end of last season. Team Abu Dhabi’s Rashed Al […]

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Class 1 Team Fendi Sterling Engines

Team Fendi (Powered by Sterling) To Compete

Class-1 Pearl Qatar Gran Prix Season Opener Powerboat Racing – Website Team Fendi will particpate powered by Sterling Performance Engines Qatar is simply the perfect gateway to the Arabian Gulf and has grown to become a major destination of discovery for visitors from all over the world. Situated on the western shoreline of the Arabian […]

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Cheap High MPG Engines… Believable?

The typical tradeoff for a greener powertrain is higher cost. Electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, Prius-type hybrids — all come at a price premium. But imagine an engine that promised a 30 percent increase in fuel economy and cost less. Automakers would race to get that kind of paradigm-buster into their cars, right? Well, not exactly. […]

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