New Silver Bullet Skater 3312 Powered by Sterling Performance Engines

The New Silver Bullet Skater 3312 is powered by Sterling Performance Engines!

New Silver Bullet Skater 3312 Powered by Sterling Performance EnginesRead more below about Skater Powerboats’ version of the silver bullet, the new Skater 3321 powered by a set of 1,200-hp Sterling Performance Engines! 

In folklore, a bullet made of silver is the only way to stop a werewolf and various other creatures of evil. The Lone Ranger also used silver bullets to uphold justice and remind himself that life, just like silver, is precious and not to be wasted or thrown away. And now Douglas Marine/Skater Powerboats has its own version of the silver bullet, which we’re pretty sure could outrun werewolves or any other monsters it may come across on the water. It’s also possible—after witnessing the new Skater 3312 in action during its first shakedown test late last week—that Superman might not be faster than this speeding bullet, which is powered by a set of 1,200-hp Sterling Performance Engines.

Super powers aside, the catamaran first debuted at the Miami International Boat Show in February where it was warm and sunny—well at least for a few days—and it drew tons of eyeballs not to mention several questions about how fast it will run and where its 3312 moniker was derived. Tony Cutsuries, Skater’s national sales manager, addressed the latter, explaining that the 33-footer rides on the same 30’ 7” running surface as Skater’s new 318 but features a widened tunnel (two inches more than the 318) and a three-foot bustle. Besides adding stability and providing more lift, he said the widened tunnel allows Skater to give the four seats in the back a little more room so six people can enjoy a comfortable day on the water. Flashforward to a chilly overcast day in Michigan, the water brown from the recent rains and snow melt. With two propellers available, the least aggressive was chosen first and the boat headed out for the initial shakedown. A couple of passes later, after some acceleration testing and trim and tunnel reaction review, the boat returned and there was a little discussion before changing to the more-aggressive-pitch props.

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