Sterling Performance Engine-Powered Boats Dominate Lake Race 2017

Sterling Performance Powered Boats Dominate Lake Race 2017

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Sterling Performance is proud to announce that several powerboating teams boasting Sterling Performance Engines participated in the 2017 Lake Race. Check out the article, below, to find the results.

LAKE OF THE OZARKS — You know it’s a great race when the excitement continues for days. 

After official review, Cat Can Do/American Ethanol has been declared by the Offshore Powerboat Association (OPA) to be the 2017 Lake Race winner. Lake Race Director Mike Shepherd confirmed the change on Monday afternoon.

It was a photo-finish, Shepherd explained, and while the OPA official on site had declared newcomer Alex & Ani to be the winner of Saturday’s Extreme class, a closer look revealed the crippled Cat Can Do beat Alex & Ani across the finish line.

Cat Can Do—having struggled to tune their engines before the race (one was running lean while the other was running too rich, Shepherd recalled)—maintained a healthy lead over the only remaining competitor, Alex & Ani, for most of the rest of the race.

Lake Race 2017 brought plenty of familiar faces to the course, but there were surprises in store. Some of the fastest boats couldn’t last the full length of the race, and the checkered flag went to racers whose boats held together in the Supercat and Extreme races.

Taking home the trophy for the Supercat class was WHM; followed by Performance Boat Center/Jimmy Johns, Cleveland Construction and then MCON taking fourth. All but one boat in the Supercat class are powered by Sterling Performance.

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