Sterling Performance Engines Mike And Connie D’anniballe’s Skater 388 Catamaran Featured in Speed on the Water’s March/April 2017 Magazine

Sterling Performance Engines Mike And Connie D’anniballe's Skater 388 Catamaran Featured in Speed on the Water's March/April 2017 MagazineCheck out the article below of Sterling Performance’s own Mike And Connie D’anniballe and their Sterling Performance Engine–Powered Skater 388 Catamaran as featured in Speed on the Water’s March/April 2017 Magazine (page 40)!

Powered by twin 1,100-hp Sterling Engines, Mike And Connie D’anniballe’s Skater 388 Catamaran is one spectacular boat. And we’re not kidding! 

By the time the second day of the Miami International Boat Show rolled around, Mike D’Anniballe of Sterling Performance Engines was pretty sick of hearing the best joke of the event. For longtime friends of the renowned engine builder, knowing that made it even more fun to keep hammering home.

“So Mike, how do you like your Mercury Racing 1100s?” asked one smartass (well, OK, this smartass) who knew full well that the supercharged 1,100-hp engines in D’Anniballe’s new Skater 388 catamaran were built by his company in Milford, Mich. “About time you switched to some reliable power.” “Do you know how many times I’ve heard that today?” D’Anniballe responded.

A mistake by another media outlet that reported the 38-footer was powered by Mercury Racing 1100s had provided the ammunition for all the good-natured jabs at the well-known owner. That the outlet in question corrected its error almost immediately made no difference. D’Anniballe was in for merciless ribbing for the duration of the Miami show.

Sterling Performance Engines Mike And Connie D’anniballe's Skater 388 Catamaran Featured in Speed on the Water's March/April 2017 Magazine.As for the beautiful boat powered by twin 1,100-hp supercharged Sterling engines? It was serious business, and a serious beauty. It is the sixth Skater cat owned between Mike and Connie D’Anniballe. The two actually met for the first time several years ago
through the build of 32-foot Skater for Connie—then Connie Cushing—with Sterling power.

Before the show opened, Skater delivered the new 388 to John Tomlinson at TNT Custom Marine in Miami. From there, Tomlinson ran the cat to the show’s dock at Miami Marine Park and Stadium on Virginia Key and retrieved it when the event ended. He didn’t get a lot
of seat time in the boat, but it was enough for the veteran test driver and offshore racing world champion to form an opinion.

“I never ran it hard, just up to 130 to 140 mph between no-wake zones,” Tomlinson said. “It’s a nice package that’s easy to drive, like all 388s. “The engines ran flawlessly,” he added. “They idled nice, shifted nice. And it was very easy to get on plane.”

A spare high-performance engine never is a bad thing to have around, so D’Anniballe built three 530-cubic-inch 1,100-hp mills for the Skater 388, which weighs in at 10,300 pounds without fuel, and can run on either E-85 or 93-octane gasoline. A big fan and proponent of the ethanol enhanced fuel in engines set up to handle it, D’Anniballe ran E-85 with a strawberry-scented
fuel additive in Miami.

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