Vehicle Hose Testing | Almost No Limits

Sterling Performance conducts Automotive Hose Testing, Marine Hose Testing, and Hose Testing for Recreation Vehicles, Military, Commercial, Farm, among many forms of hose and material testing.

Sterling Performance Laboratory Testing Service
provides all forms of reliable and accurate hose testing for various hoses and connectors, with fast service to meet any product rapid design schedule.

We provide precise data with testing done right the first time for you confidence and assurance regarding your hose’s performance.

Whether you are testing completed parts, assemblies, components, sample materials, or specimens, Sterling Performance has the best staff of experienced engineers, technicians, and testing experts who are trained to evaluate a just about any product or material, including all forms of hoses, assemblies, and connectors; be it braking, coolant, fuel, hydraulic, pressure, water, pneumatic, etc.

There is almost no limit to the types of hose testing we can perform. We work with you to ensure the best testing to your needs, budget, and schedule, including design of experiments and research and development.


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