Sterling Performance Powered PBC, STIHL and WHM Deliver Thrills In Cleveland Construction Grand Prix

Sterling Performance Powered PBC, STIHL and WHM Deliver Thrills In Cleveland Construction Grand Prix

Photo courtesy of Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill.

Sterling Performance Engine–powered Performance Boat Center, STIHL & WHM Motorsports excelled at the Super Boat International Cleveland Construction Grand Prix on July 23. Check out the article, below, for more information! 

In the 19-lap Superboat-class race, the defending 2016 national and world champion Performance Boat Center/Jimmy John’s team of John Tomlinson and Myrick Coil took the lead on the first lap in their Skater Powerboats 388 catamaran with Sterling Performance engines and ran away from the five-cat fleet. It was their second first-place finish in as many SBI races this season.

“Yesterday in testing it was a 130-mph race-course, today it was a 110-mph racecourse,” said Tomlinson. “We were over-propped—I think everybody was—but you don’t get the chance to test on race day. We got a good start and we were able to leave STIHL a lane going into the first turn, and I was able to stretch it out. We were fortunate to be able to get the lead and hold the lead.

“It was definitely getting rougher by the end of the race,” he continued. “It was sloppy two-footers. We took a couple of flyers that I thought could get ugly, but somehow we landed nice and soft. We had to protect our lead, and races are awfully long when you’re out in front—last time here we had the race won and threw a propeller blade. When you’re chasing, they go by fast. When you really look at it, a 12-, 13, 14-second lead isn’t all that much. From the beach, it probably looks like a lot but when you look at the lap times everyone is pretty much right there.”

“I’m a little sore,” said Coil. “But it went well and I’m pleased with how the boat ran. I guess there was a heck of a battle behind us, too.”

Coil was referring to the duel between WHM Motorsports and STHIL for second place. The STIHL duo of Jake Noble and Grant Bruggemann led the WHM pairing of Billy Mauff and Jay Muller for all but the last few yards of the contest, where Mauff and Muller made a sensational pass to take second place.

“This class is so much fun,” said Muller. “It’s such an exciting class—it’s super competitive. Every once in a while we’d get a good run on them inside or outside, but Jake did a great job keeping us out of there. On the last lap, Billy said, ‘Keep the sticks down through the turn’ and we went for it. We held our speed and kept the trim up, and we passed them right before we saw the checkered flag. Chasing like that is so much fun.”

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