Fuel Vapor and Carbon Canister Testing at Sterling Performance

Fuel Vapor and Carbon Canister Testing at Sterling PerformanceProviding every test needed to meet production validation, regulatory requirements and design verification, Sterling Performance are experts in testing for the operational performance, durability, and reliability of Fuel Vapor Canisters.

Also known as Carbon Canisters, Fuel Vapor Canisters help control vehicle emissions by capturing fuel vapors from gas tanks to prevent them from being released into the atmosphere. Sterling Performance uses environmental simulation, as well as deforming and corroding overall operation of the refueling vapor system, to make sure that the canisters can function correctly in their environment.

Mike D’Anniballe, President and engine builder at Sterling Performance, says that the length of testing cycles tend to vary with every client.

“5,000 cycles could take anywhere between 6 weeks and 6 months, depending upon how long the customer wishes the cycle to be.”

Able to test 8 canisters automatically at once, Sterling Performance takes pride in their Carbon Canister Endurance stand and the ability to consistently test and receive data. “They’re just running, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” said D’Anniballe. 

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