M-Con Wins 2nd Place in Super Cat Class at Cocoa Beach

We had our eyes on team M-Con as they gave the Super Cat Class a run for their money on Sunday at the 10th annual Thunder on Cocoa Beach race – the loudest, fastest boat race in Florida. M-Con, powered by dual Sterling engines, was driven by Tyler Miller and Tyson Garvin, who managed to stay ahead for most of the race, finishing in 2nd just behind Pro Floors Racing in their MTI catamaran. We congratulate the winners and are looking forward to the rest of the 2019 season!

M-Con Wins 2nd Place in Super Cat Class at Cocoa BeachIn what was arguably the finest contest of the day, Race No. 3 featured the five-boat Super Cat class. Though Pro Floors Racing throttleman Grant Bruggemann and driver Wayne Valder held the lead for most of the way in their MTI catamaran, they were under constant attack from Tyler Miller and Tyson Garvin in the M-Con Skater.

But even when Miller and Garvin got close—and they got very close in the later laps—Bruggemann and Valder were able to hold them off by controlling the inside of the course, which in today’s third and fourth races included a dog-leg section before the second turn. Even as the seas grew to three to four feet in Bruggemann’s estimation, they were able to keep their Jon Kasse Racing Engines-powered MTI running and flying with a perfectly level attitude.

“We were maintaining our position without doing anything silly, not kiting the boat and maintaining a good average speed,” Bruggemann said. “Wayne drove a great race. Kasse Racing Engines did a great job. They definitely gave us a lot of usable power.

“Once M-Con got behind us we definitely had to pay attention,” he added. “But thanks to the whole team pulling together, we had a great race and a great result.”


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