Dynamometer Testing

Engine Development and Dyno Testing Service

Dyno Testing provides Engine Dynamometer Testing for Engines up to 2000 HP.

At Sterling Performance, in addition to testing all our own race engines, we are able to dyno test most automotive engines, and extend this service to customers looking to test their engines.

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Our dynamometers can be spun to 10,000 rpm and will load engines of 0 – 2,000 HP. We could set up and dyno test any type of engine in this range.

The dyno testing facilities offer (2) Super Flow SF7100 dynamometers with super flow data acquisition, and a third Froude G-490 for special studies.

Engine Assembly, Research and Engine Development
We can assemble and dyno test your engine. The ability to do very detailed engine dynamometer testing means Sterling Performance can also conduct unlimited engine development programs.

Dyno testing can be performed utilizing conventional and alternative fuels.

Complete Engine Development & Analysis:

  • Sweep tests
  • Constant wide open operation
  • Step tests
  • Air / fuel ratio testing with Horiba instrumentation
  • Valve train studies
  • Cylinder head manifold flow bench
  • Frictional analysis testing
  • Crankshaft torsional vibration testing
  • Magnetic crack detection
  • Engine conversions:  We can also convert engines to run alternative fuels such as CNG and LPG


Sterling also has the capability of performing engine crankshaft torsinal vibration testing with an in house Scientific Atlantic Dynamic Signal Analyzer. We can acquire data peculiar to a particular engine combination and a purpose build harmonic dampers to best suit the engines application.

Dynamometer testing is performed while recording engine operating characteristics:
Horsepower (HP), friction horsepower, RPM, acceleration and deceleration inertia, torque, volumetric efficiency, fuel consumption / fuel flow, air consumption / air flow, air / fuel ratios, brake specifics, engine oil pressure, engine oil temperature, water and fuel pressures, engine manifold pressure, inlet air temperature, individual cylinder combustion temperatures, exhaust gas temperatures, engine water temperature, etc.

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