Fuel System Testing

Sterling Performance Testing Service specializes in the testing of fuel systems and components, including Live Fuel and Hot Fuel testing. Components are accurately tested according to any required temperature and / or pressure schedule.

You get timely, accurate results for your fast paced development, durability and validation testing requirements. We work to your schedule.

We can test just about anything you need because of our custom capabilities and specialized knowledge. Additionally, with our machine shop and expanding facilities and capabilities, we can setup and execute just about any test you need.

We are your Fuel System Testing experts.
Call and ask about fuel system testing for you (including custom testing).  248-685-7811

Fuel Evaporative Emission Testing / Permeation Testing Lab:

Fuel Injection R&D and Component Testing:

  • Fuel Injection Testing
  • Fuel Injectors, Injector Durability Testing
  • Fuel Rail Testing
  • Throttle Body Testing / Throttle Bodies
  • Fuel Pressure Dampers, Durability Testing
  • Pressure Pulsation Testing, Maldistribution Testing

Fuel Storage R&D:

  • Fuel Storage Testing
  • Tank Aging / Tank Testing
  • Multiple Soak Rooms / Fuel Soaks
  • Tanks, Tank Slosh
  • Pressure/ Vacuum Testing
  • Filling and Tilt
  • Fill testing
  • Drop Testing

Fuel Delivery R&D and Component Testing:

Fuels(click here for a list of fuels):

  • Liquid, Gaseous, and Conventional
  • Alternative, and Corrosive Fuels

Additional Services Provided Within the Testing Service:

Engine R&D:

  • Dynamometers: 3 Development Cells
  • 2,000 HP and 2,000 ft. lb. torque

More Reasons To Test at Sterling Performance:

  • Multiple Buildings to Ensure Customer Privacy
  • Guaranteed Precision Test Results
  • Professional, Concise, Accurate Test Reports
  • Speciation Samples (Available Upon Request)
  • EPA Recognized Laboratory
  • CARB & EPA Specifications
  • Environmentally Conscious Methodology
  • Custom Specifications
  • Class-1 Div-1 Facilitation