Helium Leak Testing

Helium leak testing is used to locate leaks in even the most complex pressure, vacuum and hermetic systems and enclosures to quickly locate even the smallest leaks.

Helium leak testing is a non destructive examination method which is used for detection and localization of leaks by measuring leakage in systems or objects under vacuum or pressure.

In Helium leak testing a pressure difference is produced between the outer and the inner side of the object to be examined. The amount of helium gas or liquid which is passing through a leak is measured or tested.


In this form of leak test, helium is used as a search gas because of the extremely tiny size of the helium molecule. Helium leak testing is also a non poisonous and non explosive.

Generally two methods are used for Helium testing and localizing leaks; “Vacuum Testing” and “Pressure Testing”. We at Sterling Performance have exceptional expertise in Helium leak testing and even employ some other creative techniques to get you the most accurate leak test results.

Here are just a few of the things we can leak test:

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