$5k Bounty Added for 2016 Texas Outlaw Challenge Shootout

$5k Bounty Added for 2016 Texas Outlaw Challenge Shootout

Photo courtesy/copyright Jim Winters/Speedonthewater.com

Sterling Performance Engine enthusiast Kenny Mungle is at it again! Check out what’s next in the line-up for the Gone Again team.

During the Texas Offshore Performance Powerboat Squadron’s annual awards banquet last night, club member and Texas Outlaw Challenge producer Paul Robinson announced the event will be posting a $5,000 Bounty/Reward for any piston-powered offshore performance boat that successfully challenges Texas Outlaw Challenge Top Speed Shootout champion and fellow TOPPS club member Kenny Mungle and his Gone Again race team. Slated for June 22-26, the annual Texas Outlaw Challenge is held in the Clear Lake area outside Houston

The Gone Again team, which campaigns a 32-foot Skater catamaran powered by 1,500-plus-hp supercharged engines from Sterling Performance, is a multi-year winner of the Texas Outlaw Challenge Big Gun honor and Mungle is a Clear Lake local.

“We are all very proud of Kenny’s accomplishments and the team’s charity message,” said Robinson. “His personal efforts to elevate public interest in our performance boating hobby is first class. We are all looking forward to seeing Kenny defend his current Outlaw Shootout Big Gun title in 2016.”

Said Mungle, “I love it. I know it will bring more focus on the shootout event.”

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