Carbon Canister Testing in Maserati Vehicles

Here at Sterling Performance, we’ve been testing the ever-popular Maserati. To ensure adequacy for sales in the US market, we are administering carbon canister tests for Maserati—vapor recovery of fuel tanks in the car go into a carbon canister, which is then tested for capacity so that purge rates may be determined and compared to industry requirements and standards for approval for sale in the US.

The guidelines set forth by the EPA and CARB require manufacturers of Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) systems to test and demonstrate reliability and performance compliance of these systems to the Clean Air Act and other regulations governing these systems.

You benefit from our dedicated “Carbon Canister Endurance Stand” (CCES) for testing the Aging and Durability of the Carbon Canisters, combined with our complete high-end Fuel System Testing Lab which includes Soak Roams, Environmental Simulation Champers, custom Micro and Mini SHED’s, along with everything you need for your entire canister testing needs.

With our Carbon Canister Endurance stand we can automatically test 8 carbon canisters at one time.  We also have 6 scales for Butane Working Capacity tests.

We test all fuels and blends, including alcohol.  We keep most fuels in stock for faster response time to your test requests.  We meet your fuel specifications.   If you don’t see the required fuel in our fuel list, just tell us.  If we don’t have it, we’ll get it.

To learn more about our carbon canister testing, visit our testing page here.

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