Sterling Performance Makes Big Investment in the Future

Sterling Performance Makes Big Investment in the FutureMilford Township, Michigan (May 14, 2019) – Sterling Performance, renown for automotive parts testing and engine manufacturing, has taken big steps to the future with taking on investment partners to grow the business globally, not only in liquid component testing, but in the electronic component testing and the autonomous vehicle industries.

Mike D’Anniballe, President of Sterling Performance, comments on Sterling’s growth and success. “Every year, we continue to keep growing in both our engine department and liquid components testing and it has been very exciting. For so many years now, we have just been busting at the seems to keep up with demand. Recently, I have been looking how to grow the business even more in other markets and on a more global scale.”

“A recent opportunity presented itself where I could expand the business into electronic component testing and in the autonomous vehicle industries. I have partnered with three individuals that will help me achieve my long term goals of reaching the global market. By having partners that can grow that element of the business, it will allow me to continue to grow our engine and high performance engine manufacturing side of the business.”

D’Anniballe stated, that with China’s new emission’s laws, Sterling has seen a fair amount of growth from that region. His hope for the future is really to grow and meet the demand for electronic board, connections and cables testing and other component testing. This, along with the autonomous driving demand, will set Sterling on the path to grow exponentially.

Sterling’s business started in the performance engine manufacturing in 1990 and has seen tremendous growth. Then in 2004, as the business grew, D’Anniballe expanded into the fluid and component testing field.

D’Anniballe is excited to focus in the coming years on expanding the engine manufacturing business while his partners grow the other portion of the business. It will be a race to see which part of the business grows the fastest. This focus will allow him more time at boating and racing events with customers and new prospects.”


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