Sterling Performance Offers Fuel Slosh Testing

Sterling Performance Engines Fuel Slosh TestingIn fluid dynamics, slosh refers to the movement of liquid inside another object (which is, typically, also undergoing motion). Strictly speaking, the liquid must have a free surface to constitute a slosh dynamics problem, where the dynamics of the liquid can interact with the container to alter the system dynamics significantly. Important examples include propellant slosh in spacecraft tanks and rockets (especially upper stages), and cargo slosh in ships and trucks transporting liquids (for example oil and gasoline). However, it has become common to refer to liquid motion in a completely filled tank, i.e. without a free surface, as “fuel slosh“.

Fuel Slosh Testing for Fuel Storage Tanks

Tank Aging

Whether you’re testing Aircraft Fuel Tanks, Automotive, Military, or Off Road ATV and Motorcycle Tanks, we can perform tests to determine the capability and permeation of your tanks. We can test the ability of your parts to withstand, overcome, and contain the dynamic movement of the liquid within your fuel tanks. We test slosh with any fuel. We can measure the permeation and evaporative emissions of your parts after fuel slosh test and your ability to meet EPA and CARB specifications and your own requirements. Whatever your specifications, we have the equipment and chambers to simulate, control, and measure a variety of environmental conditions.

Fuel Storage R & D:

  • Tank Aging
  • Fuel Slosh Testing
  • Pressure/ Vacuum Cycling
  • Fill Testing, Filler Tube
  • Drop Tests

We Can Simulate Just About Any Environmental Factors or Conditions with our Multiple Test Chambers to Determine the Operating Limits of Your Tanks and Parts:

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