Sterling Service Spotlight | Dyno Testing and Research & Development

Sterling Performance is proud to be a part of the offshore powerboat racing industry. We are able to put our phenomenal engines in some of the absolute best boats out there! Sterling Performance Engines also offers many different services that can be found here.

Included with your engine purchase, your engines are thoroughly tested for your assurance by the best engine staff in the business:

  • You get meticulous inspection, preparation, and attention to detail on every engine part prior to assembly and onsite dynamo-meter testing.  We reject a lot of parts other engine builders would use because they don’t meet our exacting standards for reliability.
  • Your engine is properly broke in.  We take the engine, cams, and parts through a proper break-in period so you know its done right for you by our engine professionals.
  • You get the actual advertised horsepower you expect and paid for. We verify Power and Torque.  We make our advertised horsepower.
  • Verify Engine Calibration and Performance so your engine is dialed in and ready to run.
  • Ensure Leak Free.  Nobody like surprises, so we test everything so you can depend on your engines.
  •  Adjusted and Fine Tuned.  One last tweak in our continued attention to detail to give you the reliable engines you expect.  They don’t say Sterling Performance for nothing.
  • All our Sterling Performance engines are recorded and tracked to ensure they are the real-deal.  We document our engines to verify authenticity and ensure no posers or hoax engines attempt to pass themselves off as the real leader. You can’t fake a Sterling Performance engine.  There are no short cuts to being the best.

Some of the other parts of engine development and analysis are:

  • Sweep tests
  • Constant wide open operation
  • Step tests
  • Air / fuel ratio testing with Horiba instrumentation
  • Valve train studies
  • Cylinder head manifold flow bench
  • Frictional analysis testing
  • Crankshaft torsional vibration testing
  • Magnetic crack detection

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