Sterling Service Spotlight | Environmental Testing

Environmental Testing is extremely important to make sure a product can work in a number of different climate conditions. Read below for more information on environmental testing. Sterling Performance Engines also offers many different services that can be found here.

Many products and components have to operate long term in a variety of environments that Sterling Performance is able to simulate. Companies like yours are turning to us to help product development, eliminate warranty issues, and retain more customers with quality designed and tested products; ensured through quality environmental testing and climatic simulation.

At Sterling Performance you get the assurance your product can go the distance in the environment in which it will operate because we simulate a variety of environmental test conditions to meet your needs.

Besides extreme environmental conditions, and rapid cycling of temperature, pressure, and humidity, we can also hold these environmental conditions constant for extremely long periods of time (even ten years if you need) so your product can soak and be tested in these environments.

Environmental Testing and Climatic Simulation:

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