Performance, Durability & Reliability Testing

Performance Testing
Performance Testing covers a broad range of testing, usually a product, part, material, or system’s ability to meet its design, engineering, or functional specifications and requirements, including any required environmental conditions in which the product, part, material, or system will be used.

Durability Testing
Durability testing is the duration of time a product, part, material, or system can meet its performance requirements. e.g. lifetime span.  Durability testing is generally considered a subset of reliability testing.


Reliability Testing
Reliability testing can generally be looked at as any interruptions in usage or performance during the lifetime span of a product, part, material, or system.

Good products seek to minimize the unexpected interruptions in performance throughout the duration of the typical of customer experience.  So good testing looks to maximize, catch, or expose these unexpected interruptions in performance during product evaluation, and the conditions in which these interruptions occur.

You will have the most reliable data and confidence in your product evaluation with Sterling Performance because we are experts at product evaluations, testing, and environmental simulations, making us very the best at setting up testing conditions for the Performance, Durability, and Reliability of your products, parts, or materials.  We work with you and your specifications and requirements to ensure the best testing possible.

Depending on whether we are conducting Performance Testing, Durability Testing, Reliability Testing, or any combination there of, We Can Simulate Just About Any Environmental Factors or Conditions with Our Multiple Test Chambers and Testing Equipment to Determine the Operating Limits of Your Products, Parts, and Materials:

We use a Variety of Tests and Test Chambers to Test Product and Part Limits:

Fuel Delivery R&D:

Testing Capabilities:

  • 24 hours a day
  • 7 days a week
  • Year-after-year
  • Automatic Safety Limits
  • High Number of Channels
  • High Speed Data Collection
  • Wear Detection Behavior and Lifetime Span
  • Well Established Operating Procedures for all Fluids
  • Fuels (Conventional, Alternative, Corrosive and gaseous CNG, LPG)

Your will have confidence in your tests and data because we have the equipment, testing knowledge, ability and experience to setup just about any conditions to test and evaluate the Performance, Durability, or Reliability of your parts, products, and materials.