Permeation Testing

Fuel Evaporative Emission Testing

Sterling Performance Testing Service provides fuel system evaporative emission testing utilizing Sealed Housing for Evaporative Emission Determination (SHED) testing methods.

Permeation Testing Experts:
Your results can be trusted because our professional staff has years of experience and are trained in handling components for evaporative emission testing so your parts are not contaminated with outside hydrocarbons.

Component and System Testing
Large or Small:

When it comes to evaporative emissions, permeability and testing hydrocarbons, we help customers by testing permeation on a per part basis and knowing the best way to test components vs. the system.


Components tested individually get highly accurate results per piece, so you can identify which parts were out of specification, if any. This way you don’t have to scrap an entire batch or design if you had just one bad part.  We save you money.

We test individual components and entire fuel systems. Even full size vehicle bucks can be evaluated for evaporative emissions.  We work with clients to develop appropriate evaporative emission-testing protocols and test to customer requirements. You’re guaranteed precision test results.

Recognized by the EPA:
The quality, reliability, and repeatability of our data has allowed us to test for and be recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency for Evaporative Emission Testing.

  • Professional, Concise, Accurate Test Reports for Precision Results You Can Trust
  • Isolated Permeation Testing Areas to Keep Your Parts and Tests Private
  • Speciation Samples Can be Collected from Your Tests and be Available Upon Request
  • Open Door Policy – See Your Evaporative Emission Test Setup and Test In Progress – Stop In Anytime
  • Testing to CARB & EPA Specifications
  • Our SHED Retentions Have Repeatedly Proven to Be Within CARB Specifications
  • We Can Test to Your Custom Specifications for appropriate Evaporative Emission Testing results
  • Custom Temperature and Pressure Schedules
  • Multiple SHED Volumes to Evaluate Components or Complete Systems for Permeation
  • Custom SHED Design & Build for Best Evaporative Emission Testing
  • Isolated Permeation Testing Area with Ventilation System
  • Humidity and Temperature Controlled Lab
  • Class-1 Div-1 Facilitation
  • Continuous Hydrocarbon Lab Monitoring for Low Background Levels
  • Scientific Analysis with Flame Ionization Detectors (FID) and Mass Spectrometer
  • Heated Total Hydrocarbon Analyzers
  • Custom Hydrocarbon Sampling Rates
  • Proven SHED Stability Post Burn Off
  • Paramount SHED Retentions

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