Sealed Housing for Evaporative Emission Determination

Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination, permeation analyzer, permeation tester, permeation measurements, permeation rates. The S.H.E.D. Method of Evaporative Emission Testing.

A computer controlled Sealed Housing Evaporative Determination (SHED) testing apparatus and method are provided for evaporative emission testing for vehicle bucks and  components. The SHED permeation testing apparatus includes a substantially air-tight testing structure for enclosing a test subject and containing a quantity of ambient air. The ambient air is sampled according to requirements to measure the amount of hydrocarbons present.

Sterling Performance Permeation Testing Experts
Our professional staff is trained in handling components for evaporative emission testing so your parts are not contaminated with outside hydrocarbons.

Setting Up Your Evaporative Emission Testing
Sterling Performance works with clients to develop appropriate evaporative emission testing protocols. Testing protocols are used extensively to evaluate the evaporative emission tendencies of a wide variety of fuel components including valves, hoses, connectors, fittings, sending units, caps, plugs, tanks, and filler necks.

Large SHED’s for Permeation Testing
Entire vehicle buck fuel systems can be evaluated for evaporative emissions.  See also our cost-effective Micro and Mini SHED’s.

Micro and Mini-SHED’s
In addition to our large SHED‚Äôs for full vehicle bucks, we offer numerous Micro and Mini SHED‚Äôs.  The mini-SHED is commonly used for small engines, carbon canister testing, and permeation testing of fuel system components

The mini-SHED offers a cost-effective and convenient method for smaller permeation testing requirements where a full sized SHED is too costly or large for the application. Systems are available for permeation testing, evaporative emission test monitoring, carbon canister testing or a combination of these applications.   We will work with you to choose a permeation testing system that meets all your requirements.

Our Micro and Mini-SHED’s environmental test chambers have separate electrical control and pneumatic sections; configurable for a variety of applications related to evaporative emission testing.  The mini-SHED is available with a stainless steel test chamber, heavy duty all stainless steel welded frame, and enclosure depending on specific application needs.

Permeation Test Chamber
The environmentally sealed and isolated permeation test chamber provides observation windows as required.  Special bulkheads provide tubing for sampling and signal connections for instrumentation within the test chamber.

Control System Components:

  • PC based control system
  • Data acquisition and automated control
  • Power for devices under test
  • Variable Volume (VV) type lung control system based on test chamber pressure
  • Total Hydrocarbon Heated Flame Ionization Detector (FID): 0-10,000 PPM

Evaporative Emission Testing / Permeation Testing
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