We at Sterling Performance provide our customers with surveys in order to constantly gauge customer feedback, improve or service, and add to our testing capabilities.

Our Service Is Constantly Rated High By Our Customers:
We average between 4 and 5 star ratings in “all” of our customer satisfaction categories which includes; Communication, Courtesy, Technical Competence, Adherence to Timeline, Quality of Reports, Quality of Service, and Overall Satisfaction.

What Do Our Customers Say About Us? Read and see…

“Sterling Performance and their testing personnel have enabled me to make great strides in developing new fuel system products. I have submitted at least three patent applications to the US Patent Office, which contain significant amounts of data proving the effectiveness of my new products. In many cases no standard testing existed to prove out the product concepts. The testing personnel at Sterling Performance were critical in developing new tests. Some of these tests have become standard tests for our products, and in at least one case have been adopted by our OEM customer as part of their Engineering Specification.”
Chris Treusch – Visteon (Pulsation Testing)

“Sterling is willing to work through the unknowns and for a reasonable price. This is important to an angineering manager.”
Eric Hahne – Continental (High Pressure Pumps)

“Sterling’s technical competence is as good as it gets, as is your willingness to do what it takes to get the job done, including staffing on weekends, etc.  Problems (engine, control, data acquisition, etc.) all just somehow seem to get handled in a timely manner due to the able and conscientious people that you have working for you.  I also appreciate the frequent and timely communication provided by Alvin.  If ever I can provide a reference, I’d be pleased to do so.”
John Kreucher – Delphi (Oxygen Sensor Engine Durability Testing)

“Alvin writes a very professional test report with excellent attention to detail. These reports have been submitted as backup data for government compliance requirements.  Jon does an excellent job of managing the actual testing. I have been impressed with the quality of work and the facility itself.”
Jim Summers – Ford Motor Company 

“Very good at adapting to new and unusual tests required in R&D projects.  In-house machine shop is a big plus.”
Scott Rier – Martinrea (Canister Testing) 

“I have worked with Sterling Performance the past 2 years. I have nothing but positive feedback to give having had no issues. Alvin’s knowledge of Helium Leak testing and experience in “lessons learned” has help significantly when there have been issues on my samples.”
Lee Stoeckl – Delphi 

“The most important thing that led me to rate Sterling’s performance as high as I did is the flexibility you’ve exhibited toward scheduling and completing my test requests on very short notice…”
Brian Anderson – Ford Motor Company (NVH Evaluation) 

“Jon, Don, and Alvin have been very easy to work with. Don is able to occasionally drop off parts on his way home when needed. Any time there is a potential issue, Jon or Don always alert us to avoid issues down he road. Testing quality has been very good. Sterling is willing to invest in equipment and fixturing when needed.”
Dan Cunkle – Martinrea Industries (SHED Testing) 

“Jon is always helpful with technical questions and provides concise explanations.  Testing is performed as requested; any missing information is clarified before testing and is always handled in a timely fashion.”
Doug Poley – Martinrea Industries (Permeation Testing) 

I came to Sterling Performance in May of 2007 with the need to conduct acoustic testing with gasoline. A flow related problem was not consistently appearing with stoddard fluid. The problem was solved with the help of Sterling Performance and the vehicle launch was successful. Sterling Performance met all my acoustic testing needs at a moments notice. The staff at Sterling Performance are professional and pleasant to work with. Sterling Performance has proved to be fair and flexible in providing a Fuel System NVH test facility and technician as needed for evolving investigative work requests. Sterling Performance has the tools and expertise to work with “live” fuel and they have been a good partner in improving the NVH of Automotive Fuel Systems.
Dan Gorsich – Ford Motor Company (Fuel Tank Acoustic Testing)

Yes, we would certainly use Sterling in the future. They are very professional and good to work with. Thanks.
Dan Cunkle – Martinrea Industries

Sterling is always flexible and attempts to meet changes in test parameters as best as possible.Thank you for quality work and I will continue to use Sterling for continued testing needs.
Doug Poley – Martinrea Industries

YUI continues to use Sterling as our primary testing facility.
Laurie Pottorff – Yasufuku USA, Inc.

Sterling Performance continues to provide top notch testing and development services for Visteon Fuel Rail and Fcas.
Art Wiard – Visteon (Rail / Hose Testing)

I have been very impressed in our dealings with Sterling in general and Tim Cushing in particular. I feel that Sterling has gone above and beyond in taking care of Yamaha’s needs and requests.
Tom Pugh – Yamaha Motor (ATV Tank Permeation Testing)

You guys do a great job. No complaints.
David Walker – Cooper-Standard (Hose Testing)

The level of work by Sterling Performance personnel (Don Hancock in particular), including UP-FRONT inputs/suggestions/comments, was EXCELLENT. Almost all of the testing I requested significantly benefited from input from the Sterling Group. Work were ALWAYS completed ON-TIME or AHEAD of schedule, and at a very REASONABLE COST. The Test Reports filed by Sterling were OUTSTANDING. Were it not for Visteon’s “In-House” Test Requests Procedures/Protocol, ALL my Test Requests (regarding the FPCD Development) would be submitted to Sterling. Thanks for the great work completed.
Trevor L.A. Steer – Visteon Fuel Storage & Delivery (SHED Testing)

Turn-around time, testing competency, and personal interaction remain at high levels. Thanks.
Dale Ballenger – Visteon (Rail Testing)

Sterling has been a very good company to work with.
Dales Fisher – Martinrea Industries (Hose Testing)

Excellent service, on timing delivery, and very impressive report.
Julie Meng – Visteon (VDDD Testing)

Keep up the good work!
Scott Rier – Martinrea Industries (Hose Testing) 

Customers are #1 to us. We would like to thank all our customers who take the time to complete our surveys and provide us feedback to improve the professional services you receive.

We use your feedback to continuously improve the results and experience you receive using Sterling Performance Testing Service.

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