Sterling Performance Hires Dominic Petitta as Director of Sales


Sterling Performance Hires Dominic Petitta as Director of Sales

Milford Township (November 27) Sterling Performance, out of Milford Township, Michigan, hires Dominic Petitta as Director of Sales. Sterling Performance is diverse in the arenas of endurance and high performance engine building and in the highly precise niche of automotive component testing. Petitta brings with him 20 years experience with electrical, vibration, battery, fluids and hydraulic testing disciplines, along with sales and customer relations experience.

Sterling Performance, diverse in the arena they perform in, has the ability to look at a job, figure out how to successfully perform the job and execute the job in a quick and efficient manner. This is extremely important in a marketplace that has very high critical standards and specifies requirements for quality management and testing systems.

Petitta will be responsible for cultivating new relationships with new companies and bringing new and different types of testing to our labs. This will include additional aspects throughout the automotive world from electrical components, fluid carrying and evaporative emission components.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to work with Mike and his team; I believe it is a great opportunity to show my skills and bring some new customers and companies this way,” comments Petitta.

“Going forward with someone directly responsible for sales will allow for a deeper penetration with existing clients and allow for new customers to come into the fold. We are looking for great things with Dominic and we are excited about him coming on board,” comments Mike D’Anniballe, owner and founder of Sterling Performance.

About Sterling
Sterling Performance, a Milford Township, Michigan company, established in 1900 is an experienced and recommended company in automotive component testing requiring stringent parameters and non stop repetitive testing environments. In addition, a multi time World Champion high performance engine builder in the highly competitive world of endurance and offshore racing.

Contact Dominic Petitta – Director of Sales
Tel: 248-685-7811

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