Sterling Performance Test Labs | Corrosion Testing

Corrosion testing at Sterling Performance is something that we take pride in. We check corrosion testing parameters daily to show compliance with the standards, and testing records are documented accordingly.  Read below to learn about the salt spray and corrosion testing services performed at Sterling Performance Testing Center.

Salt Spray Testing – Salt Fog Testing – Corrosion Testing:

  • Is a Standardized Accelerated Corrosion Test (see ASTM B 117)
  • Also Called Neutral Salt Spray (NSS), Spray Fog / Fogging
  • Variations Include Copper-Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray (CASS) Test
  • Used by Industrial Sector, Construction, Marine, Automotive, Military, Air Craft and Aerospace

Corrosion Testing (e.g. Salt Spray) is an environmental simulation that helps you estimate component service life, compare candidate materials for use with your parts in your environment, and help screen suitable materials for your application.

The Salt Spray Test (Fog Test) is an accelerated corrosion test used to evaluate the relative corrosion resistance materials exposed to a salt spray or salt fog at an elevated temperature. Test specimens are placed in an enclosed salt spray testing cabinet or chamber and subjected to a continuous indirect fog or spray of a salt water solution. This climate is maintained throughout the duration of the test.

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