Team Gone Again and Knucklehead Racing Offseason Preparations

The Supercat Racing group season is just around the corner and Sterling Performance is proud to announce that Team Gone Again and Knucklehead Racing will be powered by Sterling Performance Engines. Both of these racing teams have been spending time preparing their boats for the upcoming offshore racing season. Read the article below to find out what each team has been up to. 

Team Gone Again: 

Photo Credit Team Gone Again Facebook

Team Gone Again has been busy this offseason getting their boat ready for the upcoming Supercat Racing Season. They received a large package, as shown in the picture, that had new parts for their boat. The package contained new outdrives for the engine.  

Along with getting new outdrives, they have also taken time to test there Sterling Performance engine. They posted a video on their Facebook page showing them running the engine out of the water and letting viewers hear and see the power of the engine. Team Gone Again is very proud of their boat and made sure to give Sterling Performance acknowledgment for the powerful engine they provided. Click here to watch the video.

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Knucklehead Racing: 

Photo Credit Knucklehead Racing Facebook Page

Just Like Team Gone Again, Knucklehead Racing has been taking the time this offseason to prepare their boat for the upcoming Supercat Racing Season. They posted pictures of testing they have been doing on their boat in Florida in preparation for the season. The tests they have been performing included removing the engine and cleaning out the oil tanks to make sure the boat is running at its full potential once the season begins. The picture shown depicts what they have been doing on the boat.    

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