Thermo–Cycling Exhaust Components are 3 major symptoms to a leaking EGR cooler. Draining coolant from the cooler to the exhaust system creates white smoke, the first sign. When there is missing coolant from the D Gas bottle/overflow bottle. When you find that the overflow bottle is continuous need of refilling, with no clear sign of where the missing coolant is going, there’s a good chance that the EGR cooler is leaking, eventually leading to white smoke. The EGR valve normally should be filled with black charcoal carbon from the exhaust system. If it’s actually filled with a black mess, or appears to be steam cleaned due to the hot coolant interacting with the hot exhaust, there’s a strong chance that you have a leaking EGR cooler.

At Sterling Performance, we now offer Thermo–Cycling to Exhaust Component services, in which they are heated and cooled may times over in order to test for a leaking EGR cooler. Contact us today for more information on this testing service!

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